Sunday, September 30, 2012


The train trip from Granada to Madrid was more dramatic than we expected. On the day of our travel, Spain was experiencing torrential rains. It had been raining off and on in Granada but not enough to hint at the situation just a few miles west.

We were standing in the train station waiting to board when the announcement came that there was a problem with the tracks between Granada and the next stop; so they were going to bus us all to the next stop and put us on the train there. We didn't understand what the problem could be until our bus was slowed to a crawl passing through high water and going around roads closed due to washout danger. We passed several drowning olive orchards.

The bus delivered us safely and the train trip onward was uneventful. We stayed overnight in Madrid then took a commuter train (stops at every stop) to Astorga where we checked into Hotel Gaudi - a lovely place on the square with Gaudi's Palacio Episcopal and the cathedral of St Marta.

Today is Sunday, so we've spent it getting oriented and making plans. We expect to stay here in Astorga until Thursday. I'm feeling much stronger and starting to eat again. Good thing I brought pants with drawstring waistbands!

This morning, to stay in shape, Dad strapped on his pack and walked to the next village where he had breakfast with other peregrinos on the Way before walking back. Tomorrow is laundry day and we are planning to do some more walking. There are lots of sights to see here in Astorga and the weather is absolutely gorgeous.

The plan is to be back on foot and headed towards Santiago on Thusday morning.

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